Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stuff About A Blog About A Blog About Stuff

5 days in and I‘m actually struggling on what to write about. While this could be taken as an ominous sign given that I’m attempting to write 400 words a day (not more, not less, exactly 400 words, title not included) and I’m already having trouble, it’s actually a pretty good sign that things are going well at the moment. Easiest thing to write about is hardship, or problems, or “man I’m so annoyed by what happened on the way to that thing!” and the fact that I have none of those is probably a good thing. Sure makes it hard to write a blog though.

So am I writing a blog about not writing blog? Yes I am. Either that’s selling out, or thrillingly post-modern and avant-gard.

The blog has been a bit patchwork this year, given I went a grand total of 51 weeks without updating (Very carefully jumping in before it was more than a year). On reflection as a friend pointed out I think that was because I was trying to write too much at a time. First world problems and all that (although that phrase somewhat annoys me. Yes they’re miniscule compared to real problems that less fortunate people have to deal with on a daily basis, but on a purely psychological point of view, being told you should feel guilty for worrying about your problems is a very slippery slope…), but nonetheless was a challenge.

Then I did my collection of movie rants, but really I want more out of keeping a blog than just reviewing movies. If I really wanted to review movies (and that could be cool) I should probably set up a movie review site. And then review movies.

Then, based on another friend’s rather neat idea to maintain productivity by writing something every day, I thought I would give it a shot myself. And so here we are, 4 days later, and I can’t think of anything to say. I’m not overly concerned, as I said, it means things are good, and that’s not to say a hilarious escapade won’t occur to provide fuel for tomorrow. My blog today eventually came about because, as I struggled to write my very first sentence, I suddenly got a text from my friend N3rd.Girl. It read “RANDOM INSPIRATIONAL TEXT”, and cheered my up immensely. And, you know, it worked!

…I totally sold out.


  1. I wouldn't exactly call that selling out so much as...well, passe.

    Avoiding selling out is kinda passe, too.

  2. So everything is passe? Wow. How passe.

    Thomas: I thought I did.