Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Initiative Shows Initiative

Two things happened this weekend.

Well that’s not true, a lot of things happened this weekend. Especially if you acknowledge the admittedly unlikely notion that there are more people in the universe than me. (crazy, I know!) Even if only two things happened to each of them this weekend, (and if so, the human race in general is quite boring, unless the two things were #1: Captured international Spy-Ring. #2: Ate pancakes. Best weekend ever!) that’s still a whopping 14 billion things that happened this weekend. And if you add in the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe, then that’s a simply mind boggling amount. But more on that in a moment.

The two things I was referring to specifically in this case where relating to this blog. I’ve decided that I’m really just not that interested in discussing my life on a daily basis. This is not to say that I have anything against people that do (Hi, other people! *waves*) It’s just that I don’t really have the cool exciting adventure filled life that justifies it. I don’t really have misadventures like “Today the car on the front of me on the freeway crashed into the car in front of him! And then a third guy drove up and he got out and mugged the first two drivers. Then they were all eaten by a tyrannosaur who did a little dance.”

That has yet to happen.

Neither do I have the self confidence to write about everydayness. “I went to the, like, Starbucks and asked for a gingerbread latte and instead they almost gave me a caramel latte because the G looked like a C on the cup!? OMG! And I didn’t get my free cookie. FML.”

That actually did happen today on the way home from church, just with less three letter acronyms. Or TLA’s, if you will. For the record I don’t really define the lack of a free cookie as a life is over moment. Although I really would like a cookie now. Damn it.

If I were to accurately write out my life it would follow some variation of “Went to work. Work went well. Went home. May or may not have done some side work. Played video games. Went to bed. Blogged in my sleep.” And you know what? I’m cool with that. I perfectly content to have a mostly routine lifestyle, it’s comforting and easy to manage. It also means I get to play video games, so you know, win/win.

But it’s not what I want to write about. What I want to write is stories. I absolutely adore stories. And given this whole writing every day thing is to encourage creativity, it would be really nice to actually be writing a story instead of “today I got the wrong coffee” entries.

“So, why not do that,” you ask? Well it’s funny you should mention that...

So, starting right now, I am happy to present the ongoing adventures of “Dear Space Diary.” There’ll be a new entry every day whenever real life doesn’t intervene, and much like Dickens and radio serials of old, will be an ongoing continuing narrative until an ending presents itself, or my hands drop off. You know, either/or.

In usual disclaimer I should mention that this will very much be a live, unedited and stream of consciousness type of story. I know how it starts and I know a few places it’s going, but part of the fun is I’ve no idea how it’s going to get there. I’m looking forward to finding out.

I just got into RSS feeds (I know, 15 years late to the party, shh), and thanks to the wonders of Google related projects being smart, this blog is subscribeable (officially not a real word) by going to Google Reader or pretty much most other RSS thingies and entering in the site should get the entry subscribed, meaning you’ll be notified when new updates are published.

There’ll still be random personal stuff whenever the mood takes me, or if that dancing anti-mugging tyrannosaur ever turns up, but not on a regular basis. I figure I can talk about my life when I want to rather than a schedule, as let’s face it, it’s my life. Back off. Get your own life. Unless you’re Batman. In which case, want to swap? Actually, now I think about it, Batman’s life isn’t actually all that fun. Fun to watch sure, but I don’t really want to lose my parents, go a little crazy, and get beaten up. Just sayin’.

Have a good one,

P.S. The other thing that happened this weekend is that I got so excited about this idea yesterday that I completely forgot to write a blog entry. Whoops. Hence Double Entry.

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